December 10, 2008

So two months have passed since the last posting...

And in these two months, Pacey dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween, we stopped drinking from bottles before age 1 mind you, Jeremy FINALLY got to use his birthday gift, we celebrated Pacey's 1st year, we gave thanks for all the blessings in our life (we had Thanksgiving at grandma's and grandpa's), Pacey learned to stand up on her own, she has taken a step on her own, and we celebrated Pacey's 1st year AGAIN. In that order. I should really do a better job of keeping up with the blog. Here are some pictures from these events:
We met at Marisa and Gary's house before going to the Halloween Festival at Prestonwood. Caleb, Marisa and Gary's little boy, dressed up as a pumpkin and Pacey went as a butterfly.

AAAWWW! How cute is that?!?!

And here we are at Redneck Arena...oh, I'm sorry, Texas Motor Speedway. Pacey and I got Jeremy tickets to the Nascar Race for his 32nd birthday. Of course, his birthday was back in July but the race wasn't until November so I (Rachel) had 4 months of anxiety built up while Jeremy had 4 months of anticipation built up. Once we got there, of course, I went straight to the Dippin Dots stand. I had to find something to keep me occupied. No seriously, it wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed it. It's a lot different in person than watching it on TV. And I was really expecting to see Rednecks everywhere (which there were plenty of them, don't get me wrong) but there were people that you would see at Northpark Mall also. So what I learned about Nascar that Sunday afternoon is that it is the only sport I know that has a very diverse group of spectators. There was actually a group of teenage girls (probably from Frisco with their Gucci bags) sitting 3 rows in front of us.

Go Jr! We were cheering for Dale Earnheirdt Jr.
We went to Mylie's 1st Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. This is Pacey's friend from her old school. They are only 14 days apart. Mylie is really enjoying her pizza.
Whereas, Pacey takes eating her Pizza very seriously.
The next day was Pacey's second 1st Birthday party. We had one in Lubbock for her with my parents and grandparents but our batteries went dead in our camera so we didn't get any pictures of that one. I'm totally bummed about it.
So this is her 2nd party that was here at the house. We had Jeremy's family and our friends over for pizza & cake. Pacey just liked the icing...she could have cared less about the cake. Here are some other pictures from this party:
This is Pacey and her friend Mylie.
Mylie and Eric, who is one of my friend's son.
Pacey got this chair from grandma for her birthday. She absolutely LOVES it. She really thinks she is Queen of the house now b/c she has a chair just like daddy has his.

October 18, 2008

Week of 10.11 thru 10.18

Okay, so I'm joining the bloggers. We'll see how well I keep up with this considering I haven't updated Pacey's baby book since she was 4 weeks old. Pacey is growing before our very eyes. She is so much like her daddy. Every now and then I'll see mommy in her but for the most part, she takes after daddy. This was her first full week at the new daycare and the teachers said that she is the best baby, which the teachers at the previous daycare also said that. She is a very good baby though, of course, I have nothing to compare to. And I'm sure there is a pinch of bias in that statement as well. Anyways, mommy & daddy are so glad she is adjusting well to the new school. I'm sad that she doesn't get to see her friend Mylie everyday but this school is so much closer to home. Below are some of the pictures from this week.

Look, I'm standing on my own without hanging on to anything!!! Did I mention clothes were overrated.

Go Pacey! Go Pacey! She was dancing to the Blue Clue's song. At least it wasn't Barney :)

Who needs toys when you have mommy's & daddy's kitchen utensils?!

The diet root beer was good...hope mommy & daddy don't notice the box is torn up.

Pacey decided she was hungry so she crawled her way into the pantry to "find" her something to eat...the box of diet root beer.
The fam (Pacey's 2nd Cousins)! Look how big Grace looks compare to the other 3.

And another...I'm just too cute not to share.

Another picture...

Pacey's first pumpkin patch. She had a blast. We met our other family that live in the DFW area there and I thought it was great to see everyone. I think Pacey was oblivious to them...she cared more about playing with the pumpkins. Actually, I think she cared more about trying to get it in her mouth.

Pacey enjoyed an ice cream sandwich for the first time. And she LOVED it, of course, just like her mommy. It's one of our basic food groups in the Mathews house. She made quite the mess but I think thats what made it so cute. Messes can always be cleaned I'm learning...